Perspective XY Chart Force Y-axis Grid Interval

Forgive me if I’m missing it, but is there a way to manually force the Y-axis grid to a specfic interval? For example, in this trend I’d like the y-axis grid to show increments of 1 (rather than 5):


There’s no interval configuration on the y axis currently, but you can achieve a similar effect by adjusting the minimum amount of pixels between two grid lines along the y axis. This property is located at yAxes[index].appearance.grid.minDistance. As the height of the chart grows and shrinks the chart will intelligently calculate the distance between grid lines and adjust accordingly, but we can trick it by setting the value to something small, like 1. Hope that helps.


Hi @ynejati, This is exactly what I needed:

1 was too small (had some grid lines overlapping), but 5 gave me what I was looking for for all my charts.


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