Perspective XY Chart Freezes Browser on iOS

There seems to be a bug with the XY Chart running on iOS. Using the default XY Chart (no bindings, default data, default configuration) within a flex repeater immediately freezes the browser when displayed (both Chrome and Safari). I turned the display off for the XY Chart and everything works fine. I'm using Ignition version 8.1.23 and iPhone 11 with iOS version 16.4.

Anyone else having this issue?

Does the same thing happen if you use the Perspective iOS app? I did a quick test and it seems to work for me (mobile browser and app on iOS 16.4). Any other details or factors you can think of?

I didn't test it on the Perspective App. The chart was nested in about 4 layers of views. I tested it on multiple iPhones and everyone froze while trying to load a page that contained an XY chart. I ended up making a new chart using SVGs with no issues, so this isn't a major issue for me anymore.