Perspective XY Chart individual bar colors

I’m trying to make an hour by hour chart that will color the Bars based on if the goal was met.

The heatRules don’t really work for me as I would just like Red or Green.

How can I set the bar fill color based on a simple logic of greater than x color = green smaller than x color = red

Here is where I’m at so far.

I need to accomplish the same thing
I was kind of hopping that replacing the fill color by a reference to a graph field {field} would do the trick, but it does not.
I added a field to the graph source object, and I set this field to different color values (808080, 00FF00, FFFF00, FF0000, …), but for some reason it does’t work.
Any ideas guys?

My colleague manage to do this. He added a column in the dataset of the dataSource with the name “Color” which each row has the value “green”, “orange” or “red”. (In our case the dataSource has a query binding so the logic that determines the color takes place in the query) Then he set the value of series/0/column/apperance/deriveFieldsFromData/fill/Color to Color. I think that is all that is required.

Could you please share a screen shot?
Still not working for us

Hi @Mason.Younger , slightly different question, how were you able to get that dashed horizontal line (just above 60)? Is there a way to label that line?