Perspective XY Chart line color (feedback)

The property “series.#.line.appearance.stroke.color” determines the color of lines on an XY Chart where “#” is the number for the series. By default it will show a gray color and Ignition will auto-pick some other color if you don’t change it from that gray.

This is very confusing because the color you see on the line is not the color you see on the property. I don’t know about other people but I typically figure out what a property does by looking at its setting and comparing that to the chart. Naturally, this threw me for a loop so I wanted to provide feedback and hopefully help others who are as confused as I was.

The name of the property is intuitive. It’s just that it shows a color other than the color being used for the line that threw me for a loop. Actually, I figured this out because of the name of the property and I was like “that doesn’t make sense” so I changed the color to see what would happen.


Understandable. The line colors are generated dynamically by the charting library. Unless a color is provided in the configuration object by you, we let the library do its thing when determining the color of features. This relieves us of some of the complexity involved in ensuring that there are no duplicate colors, that there is adequate contrast, and having to dynamically writing back to the property tree. That is why the color property is empty. I hope that makes sense. -Yousuf

Makes sense. I just wanted to get it on the stack as a “nice to have”. I understand there are more critical things to address.

Thanks for your response.

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