Perspective XY Chart - Tooltip w/ Multiple Series' Data

Hey all,

I’m trying to modify the tooltip for a column/bar series on an XY Chart in perspective.
The XY Chart has a couple different series (one bar, one line), as shown below.

I’d like to be able to have the tooltip for the bar show both the {valueY} for the bar series as well as the {valueY} for the line series, so something like:

Outfeed: 10,102
Target: 10,500

However, looking at the amChart documentation and the Ignition Perspective documentation, I can’t find any examples of a syntax that would make this possible. Has anyone found success doing this (or anything similar)? Here’s the existing tooltip.text string, for reference:

[bold]{dateX.formatDate('h a')}: [/]{valueY}

I’m particularly interested in doing this because, if it’s possible, I’d be able to add more columns to my source dataset, add them as hidden (not visible) series on the XY Chart, and reference them in my tooltip to create a “meatier” tooltip that displays more information to the user.



I also wanted a "meatier" tooltip.
I solved this by adding extra columns to the data source and then accessing the column by writing {extraColumnName} in the tooltip property. Would be nice if that was in the documentation.


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Can you explain more?
I am not able to get this to work.
My datasource is a query.

When I try to name the columns or make new lines, my xy chart doesn't change.
Actually, nothing changes my tooltip. Whatever I write there, it just shows the {name}: [bold]{valueY}[/] even if I blank it out.

The tooltip doesn't have anything to do with the test I put in it seems.

Trying to figure out why, but it doesn't make sense because even if blank the tooltip text, I get the same results still.

Formatting Strings – amCharts 4 Documentation]

I did get it to work on the 1st element of the series, or the first series which was rendered as a column.
I never go the line with bullets or the step line with bullets to change it's label at all.