Perspective XY Chart Y-Axis format

Hi there, I have a little formatting problem with XY Chart in Perspective.
I’m using Ignition 8.0.16.
On a XY Chart, i have set my Y-Axis value format to #,###. I use a french locale so normally, when i launch a session the values should be displayed with a space separator for the thousands but it is not the case. The comma is still used as the thousands separator.

However, it works with a Led display because tere is a “locale” property :


How can i display the values on the XY Chart with the formatting i want ?

Hi @pascal, if I’m honest I don’t think it’s possible. Looking at the amcharts documentation it seems that the locale is set in JavaScript. I don’t think that is easily done within perspective, but someone with more experience on here might know better.

That is what i saw when looking at the amcharts documentation.
Hope i’ll manage to change that formatting or the locale without too much complication.
Thanks anyway

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