Perspective XY Gantt Chart - color coding and one row chart needed

XY Chart Example - Gantt Chart - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation (

I followed this example making a gantt chart but my datasources is a dataset and I need my chart to look like this:
(this above chart is based off of the example from the link where I only kept the the name ‘John’ in my dataSources to get just one row)

but my current dataset makes my chart look like this

how do i fix that chart to where it will only produce one row?

Your first mage isn’t showing. Can you edit to fix and add in the code for the chart? (Right-click it in the Project Browser and paste it into your question using the </> code formatting button. If you want to be cool you can collapse the code by selecting it, hit the gear icon and Hide Details.)