Perspective XYChart Bullet Render Shape

Is there a way to change the bullet shape on the Perspective XY chart? Currently using 8.1.17.

When making a line chart, I only have the option to render the bullet as "circle" or "label", but in the docs, it says the following: "Type of bullet to render. Options are circle, rectangle, or icon."

Manually inputing "rectangle" or "icon" will still default to "circle".

Am I missing something?

Hmm; it didn't work for me either. As a workaround, you could put a special character in the label prop: Examples: ■, ⯃, ▬


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That is a very clever solution, but I'm now running into another issue. How do you change the color of the label style bullet?

My project is set to a dark theme, and all of the label bullets appear black. Not to mention this graph has multiple overlapping lines, so color is important for distinction.

I've tried changing the "fill" and "stroke" properties, but nothing happens. I also tried to do a deep dive into the amchart docs, and that led me nowhere.

I hope I'm not in a "pick your poison" situation with bullet shape vs color.

This is a bug that was fixed in 8.1.25.

Screenshot from the 8.1.25 release notes:



Thank you for the reply. Looks like using the label will be a feasible solution. I'll plan on updating my gateway as soon as I'm able.

For future reference, it does indeed work in 8.1.25:


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