Perspectives on a tv

We have tried running perspectives in a browser on several tv’s without a pc with not much luck. Does anybody know of a good tv that the browser will run perspectives in.

If your “TV” has a browser then it’s a computer with a built-in monitor.
What browser is it running?

You’re probably better off using something like a Raspberry PI (or similar) and connecting the HDMI output from that to your TV. That does create other issues with how do you maintain all the separate devices, but IMHO it would given you a more consistent and flexible system.

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Unless you buy an expensive “industrial” or “commercial” TV that comes with some kind of promised support lifecycle then you should avoid TVs with built-in browsers and use an external PC / RPi / Compute Stick.

These crappy consumer “smart” TVs are abandonware the moment they ship and you will eventually find yourself with an out of date browser and software that will never be updated again.


I’ve tried several smart tv’s, and couldn’t really get what I wanted from them. We currently are using thin clients, but was hoping for dashboards, having one less device. Thanks for the replies.