Perspectives Report Viewer property binding issue


I am trying to make a help file for my client to reference using the reporting engine in Ignition. I have created a report with multiple pages, each page representing a unique process for our client. The goal is to make a help button that they can press on each Perspectives screen and it will open a popup that turns to the correct page in the report, based on what view they are on. In addition, they also want the ability to leave notes for other operators on a daily basis.

What works: I am accomplishing this by creating a popup that has two tabs; one for the static help file and the other for the freeform text field for notes. The popup has a parameter that I am using to pass the “notes tag” (which is a string tag) to the popup. From there, on the notes tab the popup uses that tag with an indirect tag binding to display and allow editing of the string tag. This part works 100% of the time, without issue.

What works inconsistently: I use the same parameter I am using for the notes tab to make a property binding w/map transform to the “page” property of a Report Viewer component in Perspectives. The transform is, essentially, spitting out a number based on the notes tag passed to the popup. That number corresponds to the page number in the report that is the report viewer’s source. Sometimes when I click/tap on it, it works and other times it does not flip to the right page of the report and just defaults to the default parameter value. It does not matter which page I test it on, regardless it does not work 100% of the time. I know the tag is being passed because the notes part of the popup works but it seems like either the report viewer component is not parsing the transform 100% of the time. It is very odd. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if this is just a bug with the page property of the report viewer component. Difficult to tell if it works sometimes and others it does not.

Other things I have tried: I have tried to simplify it and just pass an integer to the page property rather than going through the transform and that still did not work consistently either.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

This is a screenshot of the binding:

This is a screenshot of the Event for the popup:

This is a screenshot of the properties for the view that contains the Event for the popup, showing the parameters being used: Screenshot 2020-11-21 093854

This is a screenshot of the parameters for the popup itself: Screenshot 2020-11-21 094002