PF755 and PF525 Jog Button

Hello, hoping you are having a nice day :slight_smile:

I built a project using the perspective module and the PlanPAx Library.
I made the PF755 and PF525 faceplates and I’m having problems programming the Jog Button for both modules.

Does somebody knows how to implement the Jog function correctly?

Thanks in advance.

There will be grief in your life. Perspective doesn’t have an out-of-the-box momentary button. You can approximate one with MouseEvents, but you will always be vulnerable to missed events, leaving the button “pressed”.

Vision does have a Momentary pushbutton, but it too is vulnerable to missed events. There are ways to make the Vision button fairly robust, fortunately, if a bit complicated. This forum search will get you started:

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The only packaged solution I would use for Jog operations is the I/O Momentary button for Vision that is part of my Ethernet/IP Class 1 Communications module. And then only if you implement the I/O communications it is intended to operate in.

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