Phantom Database

I have an issue with a database source that wont delete itself form system/gateway/database folder and i do not see a reference in the manual to the location of the table that holds this . Does anyone have an idea where it is kept.

Which folder are you talking about?

In the tag browser > System > Gateway > Database.

I deleted the database connection from the gateway but it still shows up in the tag browser.

What version of Ignition is this?

Ignition 8.1.1

I simulated the condition on the same version, when I delete the database from “Gateway / Config / Databases / Connections” the tags disappear, but if the database is only disabled, the tags will still appear. Have you tried restarting your gateway or reinstalling Ignition?
On the other hand, some DB temporary data is stored in this path, maybe it could be useful: C: \ Program Files \ Inductive Automation \ Ignition \ data \ datacache

That is exactly what happened. I was splitting one mariadb server with multiple schema to individual servers. I would stop the disable the database dump and restore onto the new server. I do remember that on this server I wanted to change the database name to be more granular so i changed the connection url and the name on this one. Should I attach another database with the same old name then delete it? Or will this create another instance of the same and i end up with duplicates.