Phantom Designer Sessions


My designer says that there is another user editing this project, but the gateway disagrees. Wondering if I need the preacherbot from Futurama to come perform an exorcism on my PC. Any other way of fixing it?

Is this a known issue? Would like to know if there is anyway to fix it.

I can’t find any open issues that sound like this. What version of Ignition are you using?


Experienced this on collaboration projects across a range of Ignition versions, dating to Ignition 8.0.15. Restarting the Gateway will remove ghost users.

my college had this too the other day that i was “logged in”. But i wasnt (nothing in the background running either). When i did log in myself he saw me twice. Restarting designers didnt help, gateway did tho. v8.1.10 Tho it happend before too i cant remeber what version that way.

Wasnt to much of a problem