Phone Issues with Multiple Users in Contact Roster

Hey guys,

I was playing with the VoIP stuff today and we got the VoIP calling to work but when I was playing around with some multi user contact stuff I started running into a few issues.

When there is only one person in a contact roster the phone call always goes through and always seems to work correctly. When I have multiple people in a roster, if the first person answers everything works. If the call reaches the 30 second time out and moves on to the next user this error starts showing up in the console:

and if the call is answered from the second user on there is no response from Ignition, just dead air. The other weird thing is that even though the phone was picked up, as far as Ignition is concerned the phone was never answered and after the 30 second timeout it moves on to the next user with the same behavior. After this happens the only way I’ve found to get it working properly again is to restart the gateway. I currently have the production version of 7.6.0 installed on the server. FYI. Thanks!

See my similar post:


Had the same issue.


Did you try setting the answer timeout higher, as suggested in that other post? I think our default is probably just too low, but I want to make sure it’s not something like a bookkeeping problem on the timeout when calling multiple people (I haven’t seen one).


No, honestly I haven’t had any time to play around with it the last week or so. When I get back to it I’ll give it a try and see if it has any effect.