Phone Module Issues

I have been playing with the phone module and have run into some issues - they may be things I don’t understand, but here is what is happening:

When I have one person in the roster all the calls are made and I have no issues. Once I add a second person and put a 120 s delay between calls it gets a little strange - tried three times and had the following results:

  1. Had first person ignore the phone call I never got one.
  2. Had first person ignore the phone call, I got one, but the dialer hung up as soon as I picked up.
  3. Had the dialer call me back asking to acknowledge the alarm after the first person had done it.
  4. Had the dialer call the first person and have them ignore the alarm through the menu and it acted as expected. I got the call with no abnormalities.

I have attached a picture of my pipeline:

There could be a number of things coming into play. Just a side note, so you know what behavior to expect: the “delay between calls” is only used when it is confirmed that the previous contact answered. If they didn’t answer, it will move immediately to the next contact. (your question didn’t really mention this, but I just wanted to point it out)

I suspect that one thing that could be causing issues is the answer timeout being just 30 seconds. That would possibly explain #1 and #2 (the call isn’t “answered” until the contact moves past the first part of the message- press any key, or enter pin). This would be visible in the logs through the “call has exceeded it’s permitted lifespan” messages. If you see those, maybe increase the timeout to 60 seconds or so.

#3 - It looks like the phone profile isn’t correctly using the dropout conditions when the delay between calls is used. It is “and’ing” them together, instead of “or’ing”. Assuming you haven’t changed the pipeline’s dropout conditions, it should drop out by default on Ack. If ack isn’t part of the dropout conditions, it will behave like this… however, I think we’re going to modify it to replace the ack option with a “This alarm has already been acknowledged” message in this case.


I will test them and let you know.

Did some testing this morning with the following results:

Increased the timeout to 60, but still seemed to call the next number after 45. It appears to have fixed the problem though.

Made it so only the acknowledge condition dropped out the pipeline and this seemed to fix the call back after an acknowledgement as well.