Phone Notification Voice Issues

I updated Ignition to the latest 7.6 release and now my voice notification stopped working. I get the following error:

Time Logger Message

12:18:42 AM CallManager Could not execute notification job NotificationJob[id=NJob_5, users=1, events=1], the delivery media system was not available. Details: No compatible voice found

com.inductiveautomation.alarming.notification.sip.content.scripts.NoCompatibleScriptOrVoiceException: No compatible voice found
at com.inductiveautomation.alarming.notification.sip.profile.SipNotificationProfile$TTSScriptFactory.buildScript(

I also manually updated the voice module. Did I miss something else in the update?


Are there any other messages in the console near the system startup time? What are the versions on the modules on the the gateway Config>Modules page? They both should report 1.6.1.

It’s likely that there’s just a version mismatch between the phone module and the voice module. Did you get both of the modules from this post? If not, try downloading and installing both of them from there.

It was a little unfortunate that the text to speech engine version changed between the initial release and 7.6.1, as we went to add more voices. I don’t expect there to be any more version changes/issues like this for a while.