Picking string out of dataset based on the value that is bound to it. not by selecting the row


I trying to get a string out of my dataset based on the value that is in the same row as the string not by selecting a row number. I want to do this with the value instead of the row number because I have a tag that gives the number of the string that must be shown. The numbers and the row numbers aren't equal., so I cannot put this code:
into a custom property and use an indirect tag for pointing the row with the tag that is giving te value of what kinda string it has to pass because they are not in correct order. So does someone has a solution?
I have tried to do this in expression.


something like
lookup({dataset_tag}, {number_tag}, 'default value', 'the column where number is', 'the column where the string is')

I did tell you 2 or 3 times to use lookup in your other thread.

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yeah I know but that is not working
it is returning the value and not the string

Show your dataset and show the expression that isn't working. We aren't mind-readers.


lookup({[client]operatorTextlist}, "Value", 2, "Text")
I want to show the string that is at value 2

lookup({[client]operatorTextlist}, 2, "not found", "Value", "Text")

that did the trick

I updated it, try the new one

yes it works, sorry for the many questions but I'm new to this so I'm trying everything so sorry for that.