Picture Transparecy

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I have imported a picture (paint)in ignition and I need to make a small portion from the picture transparent . How can I doo that ?
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My stock answer is: don’t use Paint. It hasn’t really supported transparency since Windows 7 came out, and I don’t think they ever put it back in-- at least, in a convenient form. (See this article.)

My recommendations for something more painless:

Paid Options:
Snagit: Useful for screen capturing (also in video format) and for editing. My personal favorite. Currently $49.95US.

Free options:
Paint.net: Easy to use, supports layers.
Inkscape: A bit more feature filled then Paint.net. Also supports layers. Cross platform (Win/Mac/Linux).

Been a while since I’ve used Paint.net or Inkscape, but they are both very capable programs.

I have a picture and i want to color small portions of this picture in function of a variable. I was thinking to make that portions transparent and under the picture to put some shapes that changes colors in function of the variable. How can I do that ?

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I recall there being some kind of cutout tool or feature. One of the tutorial videos shows how to do it. They take a tank object cut out a section and underlay a component that tracks the fill level of the tank. I think it was the tutorial on templates. Would that do what you need?

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That is working for the shapes created in ignition. For pictures is not working .

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I manage to make cut in the picture with paint.net

forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/t … ansparent/

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MrPeter, you will not be able to color a part of an existing image (Ignition is not a graphics package).
What you could do is put a shape on top of the part of the image you want to color, and use a binding dynamically define the color of that shape.
You could probably also “tile” your picture using cutouts or tiles created in an a graphics package. You will need to use a separate image component for each cutout / tile and then add overlays to those component.
If you feel adventurous and don’t mind some Java code, you could also put something together using the Paintable Canvas (see https://support.inductiveautomation.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/110/0/working-with-the-paintable-canvas-component

JimBranKelly, you use the same technique on vector tank images - you duplicate, union, iverlay the unioned shape, change its opacity, and set the dynamic color

Hello everybody. Tell me please. How can I make hole in a tank for liquid like on this picture?
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Take a look at this video from Inductive University:
inductiveuniversity.com/video/t … ty-binding

Enable color swap in the Image. Set Swap from to the color you want replaced and if you want it to be clear, set Swap to to 255,255,255,0