Pie chart in report displaying incorrectly on the web

I have an issue with pie chart that is showing correctly in a report on the preview pane and on the actual web page the values are seemingly multiplied by 100 before percentage calculation so the chart shows data that's very off.
Data source for the pie chart is named query, its result in query testing pane is correctly displayed and the same values are shown in report preview.


On web page:

What can I do to make sure data isn't changing?

(ignore the over 100% total, it's data issue )

Thanks in advance

What happens if you put your browser in English(US) mode?

It is almost certainly a locale bug - the designer is using the US delimiters ("." is the decimal separator between the integer part and the factional part) but the browser is using continental ones ("," is the decimal separator and the "." is a grouping separator and is being ignored).

If you change your setting and it works then report it as a bug to support.

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@PGriffith Does this surprise you?