Pie Chart In Report problem

Hi our Experts, I am a fresh user to this great platform Ignition and I am very Happy and satisfied with it
I only have one problem

I have applied the video which implementing csv static data source to pie chart but when I am trying to attach some dynamic data varying with time

I face the problem of How to create table that have to columns one for labeling and one for the last value from tags that i want to show them dynamically in pie chart

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Eng/ Elmarakby

Is this being created in Vision or Perspective?

This from perspective

First: click on the binding icon next to each variable in your chart:

Then, select tag binding and click on the little tag next to the “Tag Path” field

Last, navigate to the tag to provide the tag path

Additional resource:

Pretty sure that the OP is struggling with making a Report, since they mention a Data Source.

@mohamed_elmarakby can you show what you have tried that didn’t work to make your new data source? Are these tags historical or realtime?

They are historical tags in report

Even if it’s real time ,

I have tried both

The problem is how to creat a table that has
The last value of tag with its label

“Pump1”:{tag1 path}
“Pump2”:{tag2 path}

All under dataset key
To be placed in report in
Dataset field