Piece counting TAG

Hello everyone

I have a project in which I keep a piece count.

This counting is carried out by means of an OPC TAG, for this I use KEPServerEX 6.

but in the count that the PLC carries is different than that of the TAG and in the tag I use the variable that carries the PLC count.


Are you asking about the con4 tag (which is an internal tag, and seems to be your count) or the boolean variente m4 tag? As you’ve shown the configuration for the boolean tag.

How is the con4 tag being populated?

If you’re using the bool tag to fire a script on value change to True, then that’s most certainly the reason your count is different in igntion than in your plc, as igntion relies on comms to the plc and back which has delays, and some other things that could trip up your capturing of the pulses. Counters should always be done in the plc.

Also, if you’re using the tag event, are you ignoring initialValue events? If so, you will be capturing and counting events that are triggered by when the tag first starts up