Pinned Panels

In section 4.2.4 of the manual, one of the features of docked panels is a pinned version that allows the panel to “auto-hide”. Does this feature exist? If so, how do I implement it?

The section of the user manual your looking at covers Using the Designer. The functionality that your looking at is part of the designer layout/options that the user can configure. These are not options that are readily available for the design of your project. However, using scripting you can give your project this type of functionality.

Can you give us, please, an example of that? I’m also very interested in auto hide/show panels.

Here is a small example of how you could do it. I place and action performed event handler script on a two state toggle to open a docked west window. Keep in mind, when you open a docked window like this, it will push the floating window over. You could do this with a popup window and specify where you would like it to popup. I have seen some navigation layouts that perform much like the start button in Windows. You’re only limited to your imagination.

if event.source.controlValue == 1: system.nav.openWindow("Docked Window") else: system.nav.closeWindow("Docked Window")

Its really just like using a button to change a window, but instead of opening a floating window you’re opening a docked window.

Thank you for the guidance. I am now using that technique to hide a docked side panel when the frame width gets below a certain setting. At that point, I display a button that will make the docked panel reappear until it loses focus.