PIPE Animation, binding on an expression based on BOOLEAN tag

Hi…I have a significant amount of PIPES to be animated. It is a CENTER FILL Color animation but it is not based on a single tag rather, each animation is the result of expression involving multiple BOOLEAN. Does not seems that the Center color animation is accepting expression, because as soon as the expression is selected when trying to bind, the list of color and threshold disappear and when I press enter after entering the expression I get an error indicating the type of property is not compatible. Does this mean the only way to combine tags in order to create a COLOR animation is actually to create Expression tags to regroup the tag together and then use the expression tag inside the CENTER FILL color animation of the pipe ? sounds like a bit of an overkill but I may have missed something…thanks…Phil

May want to show what you’ve done so far, screenshots, code snippets, etc.

Might be easier to make a custom property with the expression(s), then use that in your animations.

The way I do this normally, is that I have a pipe component (in my case a simple line shape) and then I have a few custom properties defined on it: contents [string] and flow [boolean]. The flow is bound to your expression that determines if the pipe shows it has stuff in it/being used, and the contents is used to change the colour of the pipe based on what’s in it (if required).
I have a bunch of client tags for different contents that store hex colours as strings, two for each contents defined: off colour and on colour.
Then I bind the line full colour to the expression:

if({Root Container.pipe_001.flow}
   , tag("[Client]Styles/Colours/Pipework/" + {Root Container.pipe_001.contents} + " on") 
   , tag("[Client]Styles/Colours/Pipework/" + {Root Container.pipe_001.contents} + " off")

Contents for example could be set to ‘Water’