Pipe Segment Rotation

Can any one help me, I am just wondering if it is possible to rotate pipe segments to various degrees? i wish to do this as i am currently drawing a form of tree graph within ignition

You cannot rotate the Pipe segment component, but you can use the line component and adjust its Line Mode property to be Uphill or Downhill.

And yes - we know that this is obviously something that you’d probably want to do. We have a long-awaited vector drawing feature that should be coming out this fall that should make things like drawing pipes easier.

I was just wondering if you had a more definitive time frame for the vector drawing tool to come online?

Version 7.3 - scheduled to be out in July


One way to make rotatable pipe is using container with multiple lines.

I made 100 x 100 container with transparent background.
Then make line with up-hill property, line width 10 and color black.
Copied this 4 times and allways decrease width and color to lighter.
Finally group container and now I can stretch pipe in different angles and it looks exactly same than pipe object.

Tommi Vahtera
THT Control Oy