Pipe/Transparent Module for OPC Tags' PLC Data Over Internet

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I would like to know if anyone knows of Ignition third party plug-in or module which may act like “Pipe”/“Transparent Module” for OPC tags’ PLC data over internet.

Here is what I mean. We normally use OPC tag to get data from PLC. So we create OPC UA Device Connections and choose an appropriate OPC UA device (for example, Modbus TCP) and then we configure the settings for that particular connection with that particular device. Later, in the designer, we generally only need to provide the OPC server and the address of the PLC data we want to query. So far so good.

Now, I have a client which asks if this PLC data can be sent online. So, instead of [OPC server -> Tag], the clients wants to have [OPC server -> internet -> Tag] configuration. It will be nice then if Ignition has some sort of Pipe/Transparent Module for OPC tags’ PLC data so that we may send the OPC data over internet before consuming it in the tags/UI.

Now, do we have such module/plug-in in Ignition?


Your best way to achieve that is to use MQTT. Put anything just behind your PLC to convert your OT protocol to MQTT and push to a broker. Then Ignition subribe to that item etc.
If you want to stay in the Ignition ecosystem, have a look at Ignition Edge IIoT. Or use a device like Groov RIO. Or Node-RED in an insdustrial raspberry… anything suitable to your scenario and budget but stay in the MQTT landscapes .

What you have described is what a VPN does. There are numerous VPN solutions out there, and they are not particular to Ignition. Setting up MQTT is probably simpler, unless you already have a secure WAN.

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What server does the remote PLC have? An Ignition EDGE server or any other SCADA server or a PAC? With new version of our upcoming RMS-Server module , it would be possible to connect two Ignition/EDGE/PAC servers over Internet using PubNub cloud service. Even if the remote PLC has PAC or RPi connection with internet connectivity, it would be possible to send/receive PLC data across Internet, on report by exception basis, to other devices/server/Ignition gateways up-to few thousand tags.

Our present version of RMS module and PRWS module allow you to connect your own HTML5 browser clients on desktop/mobile to Ignition server remotely through Internet for reading/writing tags to Ignition data base. The same concept is extended to communicate between two Ignition/Edge or any servers in the new version which will be released pretty soon!

Thanks for all the replies! I will take a look on the suggested solutions (using MQTT, VPN, Ignition EDGE/PAC servers, or RMS & PRWS modules).

@Pramanj the server type for the remote PLC is open for discussion, since the project has not been confirmed yet, still in the middle of discussion. Hence, if Ignition EDGE/PAC can be used as required, it will be a good solution for the project requirement indeed!

Thanks for the reply. Our RMS/PRWS are for remote client connections only. However the revised version will be for connecting servers on exception based reporting (Working towards releasing it soon). Also the number of tags you are expecting on the remote PLCs will be an important design consideration.