Pipeline – Passing Associated Data to Calculated Roster

Hi everyone,
I am using system.db.runQuery in my calculated roster to build a roster to Alarm notification.
I have already added an associated data in my alarm.
Is there any way to pass that associated data into my query as I want to filter some of the users in my calculated roster.

FYI, I watched this video from, i just dont know if it is possible to pass the associate data into my query.
Pipeline – Filter on Alarm Associated Data - Alarm Notification Pipelines (inductiveuniversity.com)

There is an example of accessing associated data in a calculated roster on this User Manual page: Notification Block - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

From the manual:

You can access any of the alarm properties through the event object in a calculated roster. Properties are stored as a dictionary and can be accessed in the same way.

# properties can be accessed directly using the dictionary format
# event["propertyname"]
# get the alarm name
alarmName = event["name"]
# get an associated data property named "Machine Area"
associatedArea = event["Machine Area"]
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Thanks @kvane I missed it from user manual.

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