Pipes and resizing


It seems impossible to resize properly multiple pipes and pipe joints in a container. Their coordinates are changing in respect to each other with gaps an overlapping as a result. Also the resizing differs from the pipes in respect to the pipe-joints. Is there a solution to resize and a group of pipes and pipe-joints properly?


I don’t disagree with you observation. I believe this to be simple scaling inaccuracies.

Here’s some things you might try to minimize the issue:

  1. Draw your piping with the snap to grid enabled. This will help position your pipe segments more precisely and quickly.

  2. Use the Size & Position () dialog to fine tune your pipe segment position and size.

  3. Overlap your pipe segments by 5 to 10 pixels where possible.

  4. Use the Layout Constraints dialog () to anchor your piping so that the pipe segments are not re-sized. (I know this last suggestion defeats the purpose of having FPMI handle varying window sizes.)

MickeyBob - the “inaccurate” relative layout issue from FactoryPMI has been fixed in Ignition.

I believe the poster is talking about resizing pipes in the Designer. Unfortunately there isn’t a great answer for this. The best you could do is put the pipes in a container and group the container, which will allow the relative layout feature to work in the Designer.