Place a phone call on an alert

Just got a request to have a system (which is been sent to the customer tomorrow :unamused: ) place a phone call which must be answered when an alert goes off.

Anybody done this? Recommended hardware?

Sorry - it’s not currently possible to natively place calls in Ignition. You might be able to use a 3rd party app or autodialer. This U.C.ME OPC client alarm application was recommend from the PLCTalk forums. It does depend on your project using a classic OPC server.

On the control forums the trend seems to be less phone alerting support in favor of email/text messaging. Usually when discussion about Dialogix/Win 911 or SCADAlarm comes up, it’s accompanied by frustrated memories.

This got me thinking about Ignition plugin ideas that use VoIP. For example, a plugin that worked with a Google Voice account to make voice enuniated alarm calls. Or one that uses a Skype API

This should work equally well with a hosted service or your own equipment.

Thanks Nathan,

There are a couple of good links there.
I think the best thing is to shell out to an external dialing program to place to call. Now for stage two. The customer wants the alert acknowledged when someone answers the phone. How can I do that? :scratch:

Wow, sounds like some wild stuff!

Ran a quick Google, came across TringMe… noticed their API documentation has a section on Real-time Status Notifications … might be worth a look.

Good luck!

You might want to take a look at a service called PhoneFactor.

It is intended for login authentication, but it might also work for what you want Acknowledged alarms. You could send a text to the phone, via email and then send a phone factor for acknowledgement.

They have drivers for several different software environments.

The price is right.

Another option is some hardware made by Spectrum Controls. It is basically a cell phone hung on ethernet. Via ethernet you control the phone.

I hope this helps.


One other point I forgot to mention - no internet access. the gateway lives on an isolated network.

Found an interesting solution from these guys They have a modbus interface :slight_smile:

TopView SQL from Exele can do this by accessing the SQL tables in Ignition instead of using OPC

We have added some details of integrating TopView SQL to Ignition. … /index.htm