Plans for Ignition to integrate with specific IDPs

Are there any plans to add closer integrations with specific IDPs?
For instance, the Okta Cloud Connect would enable free use of the service if Ignition Perspective was part of their app network.

Hi @mitchell-ACS -

IdP-specific integrations are not planned at this time. As we see demand increase and use cases reveal themselves, we can re-evaluate.

At first glance it seems like Okta Cloud Connect offers two things:

  1. A marketplace of SAML-enabled cloud apps
  2. A simple process to expose authentication using corporate AD infrastructure to cloud-based apps using SAML by way of an agent which acts as a SAML IdP

It seems like the first point is where Ignition would possibly come into the picture, though it seems like OCC is geared more for ease of integration between multi-tenant cloud-based SAML SPs exposed on the internet and Okta as a SAML IdP. I’m not initially sure how Ignition as a product would fit into that app marketplace model, though one could surely take advantage of OCC’s value in point number 2 and then setup Okta as the IdP in your specific instance of Ignition and exchange metadata and be done.

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