Plant floor data controlled remotely is possible in ignition

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we are planning to control our plant real time data is controlled by remotely is that is possible in ignition through OPC communication. We are using ignition 7.5.13 v once it is possible we are ready to upgrade 7.9 v

In our Plant system we are using Siemens s7-400 currently we are getting read only data through wincc engineering station via opc communication to ignition server for monitoring purpose now we need to control the data remotely through ignition, Is that possible, anybody could guide me how to implement in ignition?

It is possible. Instead of reading data from WinCC, I imagine you would be communicating directly with the PLC. This will allow you to both read data and write values back.

Your PLC programme will probably have to be updated to allow for control from Ignition. We often create different control modes so the system has to be in ‘SCADA’ mode before it will action controls coming from the SCADA. If you are initiating control from SCADA, I would normally set a PLC register to a value and then make the PLC responsible for responding to the control and resetting the register. This means you don’t have to worry about problems with communications meaning a control value is not reset.

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I have some doubts in your suggestions. Why we need to update PLC programme? Here we are using siemens s7-400 they already have local ccr if im going to fetch a tag from PLC means it will disturb current setup i dont want that i need to control real time data remotely via Wincc scada opc UA to ignition server opc ua i.e if im going to dicatate a value in remote location it will first wrie back in Wincc SCADA and then it will send command to plc is that possible, if it is possible plz guide me some real time example like images and videos.

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Why would you put one SCADA system on top of another? That’s a really bad idea.

If you need to have 2 different SCADA packages because of unique capabilities of each (I can’t think what they would be) you should be talking directly from each to the PLC, not layering one on top of another. That would be lots of extra work and lots more to go wrong.

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Hi ALThepal

We have Operator station(OS) in our plant our current set-up is we can fetch a data from OS to ignition via OPC connectivity.

The tags is normally coming from PLC to OS. Here we are using S7-400 PLC.

Is that possible a way to control a data remotely. Please guide me.