PlantPAx & Ignition?

Hi everyone

Anybody heard of faceplates being designed in Ignition to work with AB’s PlatnPAx AOIs?

Just finished a project using PlantPAx and it is pretty good, however their historian is just awful.

Best of both worlds would be to use Allen Bradley’s PlantPAx’s PLC instructions, but use Ignition for visualization, historical data, etc.


One of our integrators had started on building some of the common ones as Ignition templates. Not sure if they finished them all or not. But yes, it’s certainly doable (and would be fantastic if they were released!)

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Our company has done that. I started about 2 years ago ‘pulling’ apart the templates and getting them to work with AOI. Only issue with Ignition is the path to the PLC in the OPC-UA server is different for V21 and up, so i have two sets of templates, v20 and V21+

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Well, good to know it can be done.
Is that something you/they would be willing to share with the community?

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Ditto on that willing to share question?

here is what we done. I will use an Ethernet VFD as an example. We took the Rockwell AOI and stripped out all the BS an nonsense, and optimized it as our own:

In Ignition a Template tag was created my ‘moi’ to point to this AOI

I created a template based on the PlantPax template for a VFD. When area around pump is pressed, template popup is called passing the template tag as a parameter


I need to add that each of the ‘tabs’ are just a container that has visibility enabled based on the menu button pressed.
Home button sets display property to 0, Info button sets a display property to 1, etc.
Each container’s visibility is based on value of the property.
0 = Home Visible
1 = Info visible


Indirect template tags are used every where, where the path to the template tag is passed into this ‘popup’ as a parameter.


Our company has done this.
PAx objects are VERY tag intensive.
I know the guys had to do some weird stuff to keep the client update rates decent. Otherwise things grind to a crawl tag update wise.


Would you be willing to send me these?

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Did you see Flintium on GitHub?
It is based Plantpax 4.6 pretty descent work.