Playing Video Clip in Ignition

Dear Inductive Automation Team,

According to … =50&t=8277 post, we can play Video clips in Ignition using ActiveX module.

  1. Somehow, we are not able to find this module on downloads page. We can see this plugin in link with .fplg file extension for legacy product. Where can we find this module for latest version?
  2. If above module not present for latest version, what could be a possible work around?

We will be glad for your suggestions.

The ActiveX component is no more.

Thanks Jordan. What about workaround for displaying Video Clip in Ignition window?

What type of video format is it? The Web Browser module can display several different video formats.

.mp4 (MPEG-4) video format.

Just to confirm, Is Web Browser module part of Software (we can see this module under ‘Core Modules’ section in Downloads page)?

You should be able to embed an mp4 into a simple html container and view it with the Web Browser module.

Yes, that module is one of the Core Modules. Currently it’s the second one on the list at

We tested sample HTML Video embed and it works perfect. Thanks Kathy.

Please share the HTML script used. I used below script and it doesn’t work

“video width=“320” height=“240” autoplay>
source src=“file://localhost/C:/video.mp4” type=“video/mp4”>

PS: *I removed the bracket to show as text.

Can someone share an example of how to do this from a local file? I have tried different format’s and path configurations and am not having any luck. Here’s a short list of failed attempts that I have tried in the Starting HTML field of the web browser component:

> <html><body><video src="file:///C:/tmp/LineInfo/Videos/img_2795.mp4" controls></video></body></html>
> <html><body><video src="file:///C:\tmp\LineInfo\Videos\img_2795.mp4" controls></video></body></html>
> <html><body><video src="C:/tmp/LineInfo/Videos/img_2795.mp4" controls></video></body></html>

I must be missing something obvious here.

Web browsers generally do not allow access to local files from HTML that isn’t also local. Try putting your html in an actual html file adjacent to your video file, and point the web browser component at that html file.

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Thanks Phil. I was able to make that method work, but only after I converted the video format to webm.

Also noticed after converting to that format I can directly link to the file using the file explorer component and updating the starting URL path . This eliminated the need for a secondary html reference file.

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Just wanted to share something I recently discovered while conducting my own research. The Web Browser is using the JxBrowser which does not support H.264, mp4 Codecs natively. You have to get the licenses for the Codecs in order to use them. It does support the .mp3 Codec and others. Here is the link explaining it. Has ignition taken care of the Codecs as part of their integration of the JxBrowser?