PLC Allen-Bradley Logix Driver

Hi, i have connected my PLC(Rockwell) in ignition using Allen-Bradley Logix Driver and its working fine. Anyone know what is the driver in Kepware server that equivalente to this?

Allen Bradley ControlLogix Ethernet

Also, when you add the device make sure to just choose the model based on name, and ignore the numbers after becaues even though the 5500 is an old model, they still refer to it. Most likely you're not using an ENI module either, so don't select one of those.

Thanks for reply but i am stuck here. I have been tried ControllLogix 5500 and CompactLogix 5300 but tag quality Bad.

Without showing us what you've tried, or even the PLC model, it's not easy to give advice.
But, here's an example:

The model of PLC 1756-L63 and i have tried with both Control Logix and Compact Logix.
Thanks for your help. I got the soluciton and the issue was with Logix Options.

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