PLC B&R OPC DA into Ignition

Hello everybody,
We have a PLC B&R X20 which has Automation Studio (version 3) and an OPC DA server. I’m going to read its data on Ignition with a UA/DA Gateway but I don’t know how is the DCOM configuration on PLC or if I need to do any configuration on Ignition or if there is any module for that. Any idea appreciated.

If you are going to configure it across a network then use the OPC Com Tunneller module. This is described in the user manual. WE just did something with an Intellution OPC Com server and we were struggling until we used the approach described. There is also a link in the manual to a case study - if you follow the brief you shouldn’t have any issues.

In our case we had a remote Intellution OPC DA server, we installed a remote ignition Gateway on the same machine with only the OPC UA module, OPC Com Module and the Free OPC Tunneller module. We then made a local OPC DA connection to the Intellution OPC Com server, setup a Tunneller device on the same remote gateway, configured the OPC UA server on the remote gateway. Connection to the remote OPC UA server was then simple - we only needed to make sure the OPC UA port (9046 in our case) was open in the network firewalls and the rest was easy. The procedure details are explained in technical brief i mentioned but the manual also gives a brief description.

The only thing we had to do that was not mentioned was to set the “endpoint Address” in the OPC UA server on the remote gateway to the IP Address of the machine it’s on. In our case the default local host will not work.

Thanks @AndyP for replying.
But there is a problem that I cannot install any software (Ignition as well) on the PLC B&R which has the OPC DA. As I understand with OPC Com Tunneller we need to install a gateway on the remote machine which is not possible for my case, right?