PLC cable pinouts

I’m looking for pinout diagrams of proprietary PLC cables. This is a good place to post requests or actual information

That is a pretty broad request. Any in particular you want? Or is “All of them” the appropriate answer?

I’m really just trying to gather and consolidate data. I’d like to put together a resource for pinouts, as well as a good place to order custom cables from. Another resource for integrators if I can get good data together.

what brand of PLC You want to know the pin diagram i have cable omron
can you come to and go to articles you will found diagram of pin has a modbus to email gateway that is very good

I have several. Also I have an app on google play called ‘plc cable ref’ its not extensive but it was a start.
I also have schematics where I built a round serial mini din for the slc out of an old ps2 keyboard
That cable is still being used to this day…