PLC Device Failover setting

I think it would be nice if we could configure a redundant device for devices. If the gateway detected a connection failure it would get data from the secondary device. I would like some timeout settings and perhaps a sticky/auto return to master. Also a hot/cold setting for the secondary device.

BTW how do you guys keep up with soooo many feature requests?? It seems daunting :open_mouth:

The way we do this is by having 3 devices. PLC1A, PLC1B, and PLC1Master. All our tags point to PLC1Master. I have a gateway script that runs and checks the connection status to PLC1A and B. If there is a fault I use the IA Labs scripting module to change the IP address of PLC1Master to the IP of the still available PLC (A or B).

Thank you. I will look at the ia labs scripting module.

I’m wondering what you use to check connection status…
Using the IA Scripting module you can change the host name like so:
system.device.setDeviceHostname(‘PLC1Master’, ‘’)