PLC is unplugged from Ignition

Good evening,

I have a ControlLogix 5570 with an EN2T card in it and Ignition 8.1.1.

I went to unplug the EN2T, wait 5 minutes, and then reconnected to Ignition. The OPC-UA connection in Ignition never came back. I had to power cycle the PLC to fix the problem. Is this a known issue and is there a way to force Ignition to remake the connection?

Thanks for any help.

You shouldn’t need to force anything. What was the connection state on the device status page?

If it’s reproducible then you can turn any of the loggers you find searching for LogixBrowse to DEBUG as well as com.digitalpetri.enip.ChannelFsm and then make it happen again and upload the logs or send them to support.

In some cases (rare - e.g. when new tag addresses are created in the PLC), I’ve had to go to the device page, disable the device then enable it again.
If the PLC is online that has always brought it back (forced refresh) into view in Ignition both Quick Client and Designer.

Device connection said something similar to “Unconnected → Determining protocol”

I could have remembered it wrong though. It’s like it was actively trying to find the device but not seeing it. We were talking to the IP address through port 44818. I could see this also potentially being a firewall issue and not Ignition necessarily. We tried to reproduce the error but were unable to.

Ah, that’s the legacy driver, so the loggers I mentioned won’t help. Best you could do if it happens again is turn the logger for ControlLogixDriver to DEBUG or just call support while it’s still not connected.

We were able to create the problem today. The driver is the Allen-Bradley Logix Driver and the status message is reconnecting and reconnect: wait.

Upon editing the connection and changing the wait timeout from 2000 ms to 10000 ms we go the message “Error Updating Device xxx” Broken Optimistic Lock (LogixDriverSettings 116 Dirty0) See Log for details.

The logs had 6 error messages all stating AbstractRecordEditPanel.

Any thoughts?

ReconnectWait status is normal, it’s going to cycle between attempting to reconnect and waiting until the next attempt.

Since you’re back to talking about a device using the newer Logix Driver the loggers I mentioned in my original post are relevant again.

Those broken optimistic lock warnings, though, aren’t good. I’d upgrade to the latest version and call support if it’s still happening.

Sounds like a plan then. I’ll call tech support. Not sure if we can upgrade versions so easily though.