PLC Not Connecting

In my ignition software i am trying to connect allen bradley plc compact Logix version , but it is not connecting please solve this issue as soon as possible


Ok, but first, can you please fix the issue with my desk? It's homemade brand. It's not standing.

(My point is, you might need to give us more information to help you. We're not omniscient. E.g. what error are you getting?)


You should contact support if you need to solve something quickly. If it's not urgent and you have more info, usually people here are keen to help.

It is showing disconnected

What firmware version is your PLC?


What Ignition driver are you using?

Allen Bradley driver 6.1.3 version

There are 6 allen-bradley drivers:

Allen Bradley compact logix


You need to use the "Logix Driver"


which logix driver

Connecting to Logix - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation (


how to read plc tag in ignition perspective label

You should start here:

For tags specifically look for Perspective/Vision tag binding videos, but I recommend starting from the beginning.


how to read tag boolean value using if else condition in scripting in ignition perspective

I mean if tag value is true i want to set label text as auto else if tag value is false i wnt to set label text as manual using scripting

Why scripting? This is simple styling case that does not need scripting. Or it can be done with an expression--faster and more efficient and more maintainable than scripting.

Basic steps for you to follow:

  • Create a boolean tag in Ignition's tag browser. The simplest way to do this is to use Ignition's OPC browser to locate the tag in the PLC's hierarchy, and drag it to a folder in the Ignition Tag Browser. Fix up the name afterwards if necessary.

  • Create your label component. Create a custom boolean property on this label component. Drag from the Ignition Tag Browser (not the OPC browser) to this custom property to create a binding.

  • If Vision, open the label component's "Style Customizer". Select the custom boolean property as the driving property. Select the .text property as a driven property, and supply your two text strings.

  • If Perspective, create a binding on the label's text property with either:

a) an expression using the if() function to check the boolean property and return one of the two strings, or

b) a property binding to the boolean property, followed by a map transform to convert to the desired strings.

(All of this is in the recommend training material. Free training material.)