PLC OPC-UA expiry certificate Alert

I have different PLC connected to ignition through OPC-UA , during configuration we have to accept trusted certificate in each PLC.
Each certificate had expiry data ..
Question: is there any way to get these expiry data to be able to manage it automatically, means for example send notification one month before expiry data !!

Common Name: CPU-Siteq
Organization: Siemens
Organizational Unit:
State or Province:
Country: DE
SHA-1 Fingerprint: 3333333333333333333xde
Expiration: Oct 26 00:00:00 CET 2028

No, nothing like that on the Ignition side right now. It would have to be a feature each server provides.

We consider Ignition as Hub now :heart_eyes: .. It would be good to get this value in [System]Gateway/OPC/Connections/PLC/CertificateExpiry

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