PLC Register Back-up


I was wondering if anyone out there using Ignition has ever implemented a GUI to back-up and restore PLC register values to a database…

We are using AB CompactLogix PLCs and we have a few (~50) variables in our project to store cumulative data for equipment, eg number of operations, run time etc. The problem is that, unless the PLC programmer is diligent to upload all variables prior to editing and later downloading, the accumulators are over-written with outdated information. Would be great to hear how others overcome this problem!

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You could certainly leverage the SQL Bridge module and Transaction Groups to create a push/pull pair of groups between the PLC and the Database… It makes it very easy to achieve what you’re looking for!

Take a look here: Understanding Transaction Groups

… you’ll need to use the Standard group type.

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Thanks! I’ve implemented a solution with transaction groups as you’ve suggested… Will test over the next few weeks…