PLC stuck in Idle status

I have ignition 8.0.17 and some time some devices are stuck in IDLE.
Must of the Contrologix plc.
How can I resolve the problem.

This was fixed in the Ignition 8.1.4 release. You’ll have to upgrade to resolve the issue. The current stable LTS version is 8.1.7.

Is it free to upgrade to 8.1.4

That depends on your license and TotalCare situation. Best to contact your sales rep with that question.

They said no. License don’t take in charge the upgrade.
But your software has problem.

It is fixed. Your employer just hasn’t paid (annual support) to have access to upgrades this long after your install. That’s on you.

I’just bought upgrade less than 1 year.

Did you buy a year of support with your upgrade? If not, you can only upgrade from 8.0.x to 8.0.y. Unfortunately, and per its original announcement, 8.0 is not a long term support version. If you pay to upgrade now, you’ll get 8.1.x, and you’ll be able to keep upgrading 8.1 through its (long term) life. You should talk to sales about LTS versus non-LTS versions.

It is a bit of a shame that non-LTS and LTS are priced the same, but the policy is long-standing and not a secret.

Thanks for all.
I’m going to check that.