PLC Table Query

Edit: Did not mean to post this in FPMI…sorry

I have created a test project where I have a table tied to a database consisting of Customer, First name, Last name, Card number and Pin number. The end user of the project can enter the information into form field i created and hit submit and it shows up in the table and database, or they can edit or delete the users as well. I have 4 RF Card Readers that when a customer swipes their card the value is stored in the PLC and then they input their corresponding pin number in on a touch screen and it is stored in the plc. I need to check the card value against the Pin number and if they match need to write back to the Plc that says its ok for a loadline to open. Also need this to be logged in another database showing who it was with date and time stamp that the card number and pin number belonged too, to create an invoice. So basically the plc tags needs to be checked for matches in card number and pin number columns and then time stamp the entire row that it matched and store to another database. No card numbers will ever be the same, even if they lose it they will get next card number in line.