PLC tags not showing in browser

With a 1756-L83E/B processor at 28.012 firmware (connected via an in-chassis 1756-EN2T/D at 10.010) Ignition OPC-UA Server would not show tags which were added under an existing UDT array. Tags would also be faulted if the tag name was manually typed into the tag editor. Refreshing the tag provider from the designer did not fix the issue. When the device properties was opened from the Configure section of the gateway and “Save Changes” selected without making any changes the issue was resolved.

Ignition 7.9.9
OPC-UA 4.9.9
Logix Driver 3.9.9

In the device’s advanced properties, was Automatic Browse disabled?

No, it was on. All properties at default.

Same thing today with a 1769-L24ER-QB1B CompactLogix at 28.012 firmware. Still at same Ignition version.

If this happens again search for ReadBrowseHashRequest on the log level configuration in the gateway and set it to TRACE. Then edit/save the device connection and get the logs.

My guess right now is that the PLC is simply not changing one of the attributes the Logix5000 Data Access manual says to watch to detect a re-browse is needed.

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We’ve been seeing a similar issue when adding new tags on-line to a ControlLogix PLC. They don’t show up in the OPC browser in Ignition, Automatic browse is turned on for the device.

We’ve been disabling, saving, re-enabling the device in Ignition as a workaround. Will try just doing a re-save in the future.

But wanted to see if anyone did the TRACE logging Kevin mentions above and was able to confirm this is a Rockwell issue with it not setting the attribute properly, or if it’s something on the Ignition end.