PLC was connected to Ignition and reset and won't connect again

We were trying to upgrade out PLC system to include a VFD. However, in order to do that network needed to change to talk across the network. We changed to a different port and changed the PLC in the program. It wasn’t working. So, we halted the upgrade and wanted to restore everything. We put it back into the original port and re downloaded the original program. Nothing was changed on the old program but now can’t reconnect with device connections. This is the DEBUG i am getting and can’t figure out why it won’t let me connect.

Do some systematic problem solving.

  • Can you ping the PLC from the gateway (or anywhere else)?
  • What is the “port”? A switch or router Ethernet port or an ipaddress:port?
  • Was a configuration changed?

Thanks for the information. I had our network team do a test of the port on the switch. It was blocking outbound signal due to old VLAN protocols. Changed ports and IP on switch and PLC. Now everything talks and good to go. Thank you.