PLC writes

Do I need to use transaction groups to do this or is it possible for me to set this up in the tag browser so I can push OPC tag data into the PLC tag directly?

You can do this from transaction groups, scripting, binding, or directly in the SQLTags browser.

value2 = event.source.parent.getComponent(‘Numeric Text Field 1’).floatValue
system.tag.writeToTag(‘PEwrite/write2’, value2*1000)

the tag write 2 is an OPC tag in a UDT called PEwrite.
When I run this script, the tag write happens and I notice the new value.
After half a second, the value reverts back to the old value.

In my PLC, it never changes the value.

Do you get any errors? Are you sure the PLC is not resetting the value? You may have to call our tech support on this one.

PLC had a rung that was writing this value.
I must have overlooked it, Thanks