PLC5/40C ethernet module 1785-ENET

I am having issues to see the tags on the PLC5, I can connect via de OPC driver, but I can’t see the tags. Does Inductive automation support 1785-ENET and what is the connection path format?

I believe that we have had another customer connect using a 1785-ENET. Maybe they can chime in on this topic.

If you are going direct and not going through a ControlLogix gateway, then the connection path should be left blank.

If you are going through a ControlLogix gateway, it is not supported yet. We are currently working on connection paths with IP addresses, which is required to do this.

Can you connect through the 1785-ENET using RSLinx?

I’ve bridged to a ControlNet processor with both 1756-ENBT and a 1756-ENET module and it seems to be working fine in both cases. I’ve been able to connect and use the OPC quick client to browse and read registers. I haven’t setup anything further. The ENET card I’m using is a 1756-ENET/B. I’m not positive, but I believe there are some earlier versions of ENET cards that won’t support bridging. As thechtman suggests, if you can create an OPC topic in RSLinx and use it, I’m pretty sure the driver will work.

I know this is an older post but I wanted to chime in.

The 1785-ENET is a “Sidecar” module for the PLC-5 controller family. If the original poster really has a “PLC-5/40C” and not a PLC-5/40C15, it’s a 1997-vintage “Phase 1.25 ControlNet” controller and the 1785-ENET is probably from that era as well. This is right around when the ControlLogix was introduced so not everything was sorted out, protocol-wise.

The original 1785-ENET from the early-mid-90’s supports only the classic A-B Ethernet protocol called CSPv4, on TCP Port 2222. This is different than the “CIP” protocol for ControlLogix, which runs on TCP Port 44818.

The OP’s first step is to find out from Rockwell Automation whether his 1785-ENET supports the original CSPv4, or both CSPv4 and CIP. The 1785-ENET was upgradeable but I think it was less simple (and not included in the Support contracts) than the modern ControlLogix flash upgrades.