PLC5 ControlLogix Gateway

Electricians went and cut some DH communications and forgot how they went back. I rewired things and able to connect through RsLinx but not Ignition. It just keeps cycling through “determining protocol” The Node 4 & 3 are teh same PLC. I’ve tried path 1,1,2,3 & 1,3,2,4 with no luck.

Looks like you’re missing a couple steps. Should be something like 1,3,2,4,1,0.

Tried that, no workie. 4 is actually the processor so no need for the last 1,0.

I tried rebooting the Allen Bradley module and things went from bad to worse. All my SLCs went to “determining protocol”. Ended up rolling back the Allen Bradley module from 7.9.14 back to 7.9.10 and things started working again.