PLC5 Tag in Ignition Edge

I am currently integrating a PLC5 into an existing Ignition Edge project.

I have set this PLC up in my OPC server and can read all the integer and float data with out any issue.

I am running in to problems reading data stored in the Binary data types. I can see in my OPC browser the tag (B20:1 for example) and it populates with a value. That value is correct based on the number of bits that are active. That value will then read zero and it continues to oscillate between the correct value and zero. If I am looking at an individual bit (B20:1_9 for example) that bit will oscillate between on and off.

Is this an issue with the data type? Is there anything I can do to have this read consistantly?

I’m not aware of anything about Edge that would cause this. Can you set up full Ignition in trial mode to see if it behaves the same?