PLC5 with added network card

Hi everyone.
I’ve got a connection problem.
I need to read data from a PLC5(172.17.xx.xx). To avoid data Exchange through DH, we added an extra network card to the PLC5.
Our connection will be in ethernet through a gateway(10.164.yy.yyy)
I tried a connection using allen Bradley logix driver and putting:
10.164.yy.yyy in the hostname field
and using as connection path: 1,2,2,172.17.xx.xx,1,0
(because in my gateway the network card is in the slot 2).

the device appear in “Connected” status, but in my OPC browser I can see only the “Diagnostic” directory.

What could be the problem?

-----Note that we already sucessfully tried to connect a PLC5 using a network card on a Allen Bradley 5000(our gateway), but with a DH connection (so using the gateway ip as hostname and writing the connection path with the dh node number.). In this case I don’t have a PLC but just a new network card added to the PLC5. ----

Thank you.

Why are you trying to use the Logix driver instead of the PLC5 driver?

thank you for your answer.
because the connection will be in ethernet.
Trying with plc5 driver I need the dh node number, right?

No, our PLC5 driver is ethernet only. It has a Connection Path setting you can use.

The correct driver to choose is always the one for the destination device when there’s a path with 1 or more hops. It doesn’t matter how or what you route through. When you pick the Logix driver you’re basically just sending the PLC5 commands it doesn’t understand.

thank you,
so I have to choose PLC5 driver and set it how?
Hostname: I have to put compulsory my gateway (so 10.164.yy.yyy)
connection path: ?

Try the same connection path you had before?

If you can establish a connection and see the path in Linx that helps sometimes.

thank you for you help.

I know everything about my connections,
but I don’t know how to build the connection path using the PLC5 driver.
The user manual says:

“Hostname: type the IP address for the PLC, for example
Connection Path: 1,3,2,14 (1 means going to ControlLogix and going to the backplane in PLC 1, 3 is the slot number of the ControlNet module to move to in this example, 2 is the exit port of the ControlNet module, 14 is the address of entry point to the ControlNet module in PLC 2)”

if the hostname is the ip of my gateway,
how I can put the PLC ip into my connection path?

sorry, but i’m stuck here

thank you

Just put it as part of the path, like you did above: 1,2,2,172.17.xx.xx,1,0

yes, it is something I already tried but it doesn’t work

Hmm. Okay. I’ll have to look into whether our docs are just dated or if this really isn’t supported by the PLC5 driver.

You might try calling into support in the meantime. They’ll probably ask for a screenshot of the path in RSLinx for reference.

If it turns out this isn’t possible with our driver you may need to try Kepware or another OPC server.

Sorry, it looks like I was wrong. I don’t think the PLC5 driver is capable of using this routing setup.

thank you for your help, I tried to write to the support!

Have you tried leaving the ,1,0 off the end? PLC5’s don’t have a concept of a Logix backplane.

I tried with and without 1,0…doesn’t work anyway…
thank you

Hello rea_21
Did you manage to get it to work at that time?

Regards Esben