PLC's tags didn't push to transaction groups

In designer page i can see the tags in tag browser of my destined PLC (which is Siemens S7-1500), but when i try to pull my tags to transaction standard group it behaves awkward as it didn't shown on tag items area of transaction groups . sometimes it came like 1.N/A or 2. Bad_node id unknown

tricky part when i check it with default device connection method (generic) its moving the tags to the group, but value not inserted into the DB came as 'null'.

on the other hand, when my check my device connections in gateway my plc connection status shows says its disconnected (or not connected), question is if not connected how comes i can see the tags on tag browser of designer

1.couldn't pull/push tags of PLC
2.can pull/push tags via default device but value not updated inside DB came as 'null'

Hey Vinoth,
I hope I have understood your problem, it seems to me that the issue is that you do not have communication with the PLC, but here are some tips:

-I think there is a concept misunderstanding, the OPC Tags in the 'Tag Browser' will always be there once you add them regardless if the device is connected or not.
Where you won't see them is when the device has no connection is in the 'OPC Browser' (Top barView/Panels/OPC Browser.)

-A simple way to know if the Tag is online is to check its quality, for example, [default]Tag.Quality (Attached picture), if it does not appear like that (Good), check the connection to your PLC, sometimes you may be able to see the last value read from the PLC, but that does not mean that the Tag is online, if the Tag doesn't have a good quality the Transaction group has no way of knowing what its real time value is.


thank you alot Mr.Hiram its means a lot to me
but i tried to delete my topic but i can't
after i typed my issue i rechecked my opc there i can find my tags
so totally that was a careless mistake
sorry for wasting your precious time


It's best to not delete topics, even for the simplest mistakes. Well all make them, so finding simple answers is an actual help to the community.


sure do dude